Koat Tech Limited

Card Technology

KOAT Technology provides different types of card technology services;

  • Mifare Card
  • HID iclass SE Card
  • Proximity Card
  • Customized/Secured PVC Hologram Card
  • Lanyards

We also provide Ominichannel Campus Card; this is an e-payment card solution for Universities that creates a complete ecosystem for the institution. The prepaid card works as a Payment, Identity, Access Control, Time & Attendance and Transportation card, thus making it flexible to be used as a multi- application card to accommodate all the needs of the students and staff.

  • Serve as a means of payment for student fees and other dues

  • Serve as student and staff identity cards

  • Serve as access control and time management card

  • Serve as a transport card
Be used for Value Added Services as defined per scheme, including recharge, bill payments

  • Serve as a payment token with loyalty benefits for student and staff

  • Be used on the ATM, POS, Web and Mobile Channels